Online Access Assistance

Magazine CoverOnline Access System:

In 2016, we switched to a new system for managing online access. In the past you may have used a user ID and password to access the magazine. Those user IDs are no longer active. In our new system you will use your email address and a password to log in.

Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for you! So, if you experience any difficulty at all, just contact us ( or call 510-644-1200) and we’ll help. We are a small organization so it may take a short while to respond, but we will respond and get you online as quickly as possible.

To read the current issue of the magazine and archives online simply visit the web site and click any article you’d like to read. If access to that content requires you to log in you will be prompted to do so right on that page.

Current Print Subscriber – But Don’t Know Password

If you are already a print subscriber and you don’t know your password a link will appear on pages that require subscriptions for logging in. That link will say “Forgot Password.” Click that link, enter your email address, and your password will be sent to you

Please note that your password will be sent to you in plain text. If this could be a password you use for other web sites you may prefer NOT to have it sent to you. Instead you can contact Tikkun via email ( or by phone at 510-644-1200 and have us set a temporary password for you. If you call and reach voicemail, please leave a message including your email address so that someone can be in touch with you with a temporary password.

Current Print Subscriber – But Never Used Your Email Address for Subscribing

You may never have used your email address when you subscribed to or renewed your subscription to Tikkun. In that case the system won’t recognize your email address when you try to recover your password. Please just contact us ( or 510-644-1200) and tell us your first and last name, the city in which you live, and your email address and we’ll set up your account and send you a temporary password.

If You Are A Current  Donor or Member of the Network of Spiritual Progressives or You Have Paid for Online Access

If you’ve donated or joined at the $50 or higher level, or you have paid for online access during the past year, we can provide you with one year of access to the current issue and online archives. Please contact us ( or 510-644-1200) and we’ll get you the information you need to gain online access.

If You’d Like to Set Your Own Password

If you would like to set your own password, please visit the link below and use your email address and the current/temporary password you have to log in and then you can set your own password. You can also manage your subscription from these pages.

If You Are NOT Already A Subscriber, Donor, or Member of the Network of Spiritual Progressives

Why not? Now is a great time to do something about that. Click one of the links below.

Please Let Us Help You!

If you have any difficulty donating, signing up, or logging in please let us help you! Call 510-644-1200 or email and we will check on your subscription status and be in touch with the information you need. You do need to be a current subscriber, yearly donor of $50 or more, or member of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (at the $50 a year or more rate) to get online access.