Next Year in Jerusalem? Passover for those whose moral compass has not gone dead

Here is a series of articles that may help you negotiate through the Passover holiday and the ethical morass facing those who wish to celebrate the holiday of our freedom from slavery without going dead to the reality of the Jewish people’s role in the suffering of the Palestinian people, today, right now, as we celebrate this year’s Passover!

Next Year/This Year in Jerusalem by Rabbi Brian Walt

Jerusalem, settlements, and the “everybody knows” fallacy by Lara Friedman and Daniel Seidemann

Happy Passover from Gaza by Sam Bahour

My supplement to the Haggadah. Please read it!

Letty Cottin Pogrebin’s somewhat humorous, but also quite serious, The Ten Plagues According to Jewish Women. Letty was a founding editor of Ms. Magazine and a founding member of Tikkun‘s Editorial Advisory Board.

Prophetic Passover words from a new Tikkun blogger, Adam Neiman.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin (again) on the Judaization of East Jerusalem. This is NOT what we have in mind when we sing Next Year in Jerusalem!
How To Get to Passover by my Jewish Renewal rabbinic colleague Miles Krassen

[br]The plague of darkness has struck modern Israelites by Akiva Eldar

Israel is sliding toward McCarthyism and racism by David Landau

And many blessings for a spiritually deep Passover, Easter, spring celebration or any other way you are celebrating the holiness of the period ahead.


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