One thought on “Middle East Peace Negotiations?

  1. I would like to point out some of the 10 points are not fair, balanced, or realistic, and omit certain facts that are highly relevant

    3. Does not take into account those prisoners that are actual murders. While such prisoners have been freed in the past, I certainly do not think it is realistic that individuals responsible for the deliberate murder of civilians should be released.

    4. There are numerous cases where an international force has not stood up to extremists who wanted to attack the other side and very few cases where they actually have. Extremists are “ready to die for this”, international forces are not.

    5. Reparations should be based on the population (600,000 Arab Palestinians vs 800,000 Arab Jews) therefore the Arab Jews should receive 33% greater reparations than the Arab Palestinians. A country is responsible for growing it’s own economy. Basing reparations on bridging economic disparity is redistribution of wealth.

    7. Israel has well over 1 million Palestinian Arabs citizens. I think it is more than fair that Jews be allowed to live in a Palestinian state as citizens. If Israel should take in 20,000 Arab Palestinians per year as citizens, a Palestinian state should take in 20,000 Jews per year as citizens. And since Israel took in all the Arab Jews as citizens, I think it is fair for the Arab countries to grant citizenship to their Palestinian populations instead of keeping them in refugee camps.

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