Make July 4 Inter-dependence Day and if you are in the Bay Area Come to the Tikkun/NSP Picnic!

Make July 4 INTER-DEPENDENCE DAY! Do July 4 with a community of people who are not into the reactionary nationalist rah-rah, but into seriously thinking about and celebrating what is good in America!  If you happen to be in the Bay Area July 4, come to the Tikkun, NSP, Beyt Tikkun picnic! If not, you can read and utilize in any way you can our guide to ideas to share at a picnic or July 4th celebration of your own, no matter how small!  Just go to:


2 p.m.   Strawberry Creek, Berkeley 1260 Allston Way, Between Bancroft Way and Addison Street at West Street – Southwest Berkeley


Vegetarian Food only please. We eat first–from 2-2:45. At 2:45 we will begin a program of music and ideas, sharing our celebration of all that is good in America, while affirming our interdependence with the planet and all the people and animals and plant life on it, as well as independence from the corporate powers that are currently dominating American society and destroying the life-support systems of the planet. Bring poems, songs, stories to share! And bring a delicious main course vegetarian dish to share with others a the potluck (salmon, tuna, cod, halibut, escolar, and sole also permitted, but nothing like shell fish or bottom feeders or human eaters, including shrimp, snail, crab, lobster, catfish, shark, prawns etc.).

Please bring one large delicious vegetarian dish big enough to share with at least 10 others plus something to drink.

To help us determine how many people will be coming and what we need in the way of supplies: RSVP to by the morning of July 1st. But if you havent RSVP’d, come anyway and bring something vegetarian and delicious!

Bring children. Bring musical instruments. Bring Friends. No fireworks or explosives of any kind please.

Bring friends, neighbors, and extend the invitation to anyone you think should be exposed to the world view of Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives. We will sing and dance and call for a better world, but our main activity will be shmoozing, meeting new people you haven’t known before but who share many of your values, eating, singing, having fun, and enjoying what will surely be a beautiful day outdoors. Please join us.


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