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Mike Ignatowski
Mike Ignatowski
Mike Ignatowski serves as the president of the UU Congregation of the Catskills, and is a board member of the UUs for a Just Economic Community.

What Reflects our Real Moral Values?


by: on July 24th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

One of the comments made during the presidential primary debates last year has remained stuck in my memory to this day.   It came from Joe Biden, who was recalling some “folksy wisdom” from his father.   His father had a saying that went something like this:  “Don’t lecture me about the moral values you claim to have, just show me your budget so that I can see what your real moral values are”.   As I recall, Joe Biden was making this comment in reference to our national budget, but I shuddered when I think that this commentary applies equally well to my own personal budget.   If our moral values were to be judged by looking at our personal budgets, how well would any of us fare?


Empathy and Economic Hardship


by: on July 9th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

When I was invited by Dave Belden to participate in this blog, I agreed because it gave me a chance to write about some economic issues that I felt strongly about. Future appends will include comments about David Korten’s writings, as well as issues raised in a group I belong to called “UUs [Unitarian Universalists] for a Just Economic Community”. This is also a personal issue for me because about 4 months ago I was laid off from a job that I held for 26 years. I have been engaged in the job search routine and the soul searching that comes with it ever since.

When I left my job I received a nice severance package that includes health benefits, so my family’s financial situation is relatively good compared to others. However, there were some rather dark periods when I wasn’t sure that this was the case.

I found a surprisingly strong empathy quickly developed in me towards other people going through financial distress. Now I feel a personal bond with those people for whom the outlook is much bleaker.