When I was invited by Dave Belden to participate in this blog, I agreed because it gave me a chance to write about some economic issues that I felt strongly about. Future appends will include comments about David Korten’s writings, as well as issues raised in a group I belong to called “UUs [Unitarian Universalists] for a Just Economic Community”. This is also a personal issue for me because about 4 months ago I was laid off from a job that I held for 26 years. I have been engaged in the job search routine and the soul searching that comes with it ever since.

When I left my job I received a nice severance package that includes health benefits, so my family’s financial situation is relatively good compared to others. However, there were some rather dark periods when I wasn’t sure that this was the case.

I found a surprisingly strong empathy quickly developed in me towards other people going through financial distress. Now I feel a personal bond with those people for whom the outlook is much bleaker.