Trouble-Making Judaism

Trouble-Making Judaism CoverTrouble-making Judaism
Elli Tikvah Sarah

David Paul Books, 2012

Boldly declaring that “being a lesbian is fundamental to my rabbinate,” Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, who serves a Progressive synagogue in Brighton, England, has written a book with the power to awaken and inspire. The trouble-making Judaism she lauds is creative, irreverent, engaged, and boundary-crossing. It’s also deeply engaged with Jewish texts and theology. Her feminist-inspired rereading of traditional texts is creative, provocative, and inspiring. Her trouble-making is not confined to biblical texts, so her voice of Jewish sanity addresses many of the troubling issues facing Jewish life in the twenty-first century. Very much in the spirit of Tikkun, she insists that “both Israelis and Palestinians must find a way of acknowledging the other’s experience and learn to make sense of the other’s experience.”

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