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Tikkun’s vision is that we can create a caring society. What if our goal as political and social activists were both an equal society, in terms of wealth, rights, and power, and also an empathic society, where we cared about each other’s well-being? That would change the way we do politics. See our Core Vision. Please note that the articles we publish reflect a wider range of opinion and sometimes include ones arguing against our editorial positions.

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Selma‘s Missing Rabbi
by Peter Dreier
Including Heschel would not diminish the film’s emphasis on the centrality of African Americans in the civil rights struggle, but it would have lent the film more historical accuracy, not simply about one man but as a representative of the role Jews played in the freedom struggle and as a reflection of the Civil Rights movement’s inclusiveness.


Fulfilling Our Debt to Humanity: A Hindu Perspective on Jubilee
by Murali Balaji
Once we expand the definition of debt beyond material considerations, the idea of Jubilee becomes more than just debt cancellation—it becomes a broader push to institutionalize the fulfillment of our debts to humanity and Mother Earth.


The Demon in Darren Wilson’s Head
by Thandeka
The actions of police officers aren’t supposed to be governed by fear. But Darren Wilson’s were. Wilson’s actions, however, weren’t “his actions,” but rather an outcropping of what theologian Sarah Drummond aptly calls “an epigenetic, cellular memory of loss and its resultant need for a scapegoat.”


Media Justice Is Social Justice: Why the Comcast-Time Warner Merger Matters
by Sam Ross-Brown
Why does net neutrality matter? Because we’re treating a lifeline to the American economy and a lifeline for communities that need to organize as if it was just about profit, rather than as the essential human right that it is.


Is It Right to Compare Ferguson to Gaza? Reflections from a Jewish Protester
by Shaul Magid
I say to many of my American Jewish colleagues who have justifiably marched and even been arrested protesting the death of Eric Garner; where are you when similar injustices occur against Palestinians like him all the time? Where were you when you saw similar acts of violence in Five Broken Cameras?

US Politics

Why the Right Keeps Winning and the Left Keeps Losing
by Michael Lerner
Why does the Right keep winning in American politics, sometimes through electoral victories, sometimes by having the Democrats and others on the Left adopt what were traditionally right-wing policies and perspectives?


Radical Sanctuary: Faith Groups Rally Around Migrant Youth
by Puck Lo
All over the country, people in communities of faith are on the front lines of a renewed and growing movement pushing for basic aid and a path to legalization for some 11 million migrants living in the United States without legal status.


The Making of Beauty Is a Verb and the Spiritual Body
by Michael Northen, Sheila Black, and Jennifer Bartlett
Considering our society from a disability perspective forces the question of why we seem so bent on forging a society in which so many are marginalized, stigmatized, or deemed somehow unworthy.


Work Your Quirk: The Power of the Disability Art Community
by Kevin Kling
When I first joined Interact Theater Company, I had recently been in a motorcycle accident and lost the use of my right arm. The question was posed, “If there was a pill to take away your disability, would you take it?” I was surprised to find that I was the only one in the circle who said yes. I looked at my fellow performers and wondered if I would ever be able to accept my new self.


Holy Access
by Darla Schumm
I am lying comfortably on the table in my acupuncturist’s office. Mellow music plays in the background while my acupuncturist soothingly talks me through my treatment. As we chat casually about the different approaches between Eastern and Western medicine, she …

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