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Tikkun’s vision is that we can create a caring society. What if our goal as political and social activists were both an equal society, in terms of wealth, rights, and power, and also an empathic society, where we cared about each other’s well-being? That would change the way we do politics. See our Core Vision. Please note that the articles we publish reflect a wider range of opinion and sometimes include ones arguing against our editorial positions.

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The Invisible Monster of Climate Change
by Tom Engelhardt
  Editor’s note: Tikkun’s media ally TomDispatch.com has produced another valuable analysis, this time in the form of a dystopian forecast of what might be coming by 2050. Below is how its editor Tom Engelhardt introduces this scary yet sadly …


Wonder Woman, Radiohead, and BDS by Mark LeVine
by Michael Lerner
Editor’s Note: Sadly, Tikkun does not have enough staff to be able to verify the claims made in our articles by various respected authors. Nor does Tikkun always agree with their political perspectives. Our aim is to foster vigorous discussion …

Job Opening at Tikkun: Managing Editor
by Tikkun Staff
Tikkun magazine is looking for a managing editor to produce its award-winning print magazine and manage its lively online content--someone who is aligned with our goal of contributing to the healing and transforming the world.


Meeting Martin Luther King Again for the First Time
by Obery M. Hendricks, Jr.
Editor’s note: Having just returned (Monday, Jan. 16, 2016) from participating in a demonstration and march in Oakland, Ca. today in honor of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr, I was glad to receive this submission to Tikkun  (below) …


Unions Facing the Trump Era
by Jonathan Rosenblum
Beginning in 1979 in Seattle, WA, Jim Levitt expertly fabricated custom aircraft parts and tools, helping make the Boeing Company one of the most successful businesses in the world. But in 2013, corporate executives issued a threat: They demanded that Levitt and …

War & Peace

Russia’s Legitimate Fears
by Jonathan Marshall
Editor’s Note: Russia’s dictatorship is a far cry from the hopes that the Russian people had when they overthrew their communist regime and bought into the neo-liberal fantasies sold to them by global capitalism. The subsequent history has led many …


What I Have Learned from My Students After Half a Century of Teaching About Meaning
by Robert Nash
This personal drive to “take the world by the throat” in order to transcend the superficial ideals of the “American Dream,” along with its evanescent promises of attaining a lasting materialistic happiness, was my main motivation in creating the first applied religion course ever offered in a non-religious studies/non-divinity school in the United States. This brief essay is my account of what I have learned about the quest for meaning, and the practice of teaching about religion, from thousands of pre-professional, professional, and post-professional students throughout the decades. And, while it might sound like a feel-good cliché, I will say it nevertheless: I have learned at least as much from my students about making meaning of my life as they might have from me. Unequivocally!

Politics & Society

What Will be the Future of the Democratic Party?
by Kabir Helminski
The 2016 election may be the most confounding political event in living memory. And the need to understand it is urgent. That a candidate so obviously lacking in virtue, principal, and understanding of the world beyond his own narrow ambitions …

Politics & Society

Why Those Who Cherish Martin Luther King Must Oppose Donald Trump
by Obery M. Hendricks, Jr.
“I choose to identify with the underprivileged. I choose to identify with the poor. I choose to give my life for the hungry. I choose to give my life for those who have been left out of the sunlight of …

Overcoming Bitterness and No Longer Assuming the Worst of Democrats
by Stephen Zunes
For decades, I have been obsessed with exposing the Clintons and like-minded Democratic politicians’ dangerous foreign policies, challenging liberal naiveté that ignores or excuses such hawkish proclivities, and underscoring the need to withhold support until they embrace more responsible positions. …

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