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Tikkun’s vision is that we can create a caring society. What if our goal as political and social activists were both an equal society, in terms of wealth, rights, and power, and also an empathic society, where we cared about each other’s well-being? That would change the way we do politics. See our Core Vision. Please note that the articles we publish reflect a wider range of opinion and sometimes include ones arguing against our editorial positions.

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Work Your Quirk: The Power of the Disability Art Community
by Kevin Kling
When I first joined Interact Theater Company, I had recently been in a motorcycle accident and lost the use of my right arm. The question was posed, “If there was a pill to take away your disability, would you take it?” I was surprised to find that I was the only one in the circle who said yes. I looked at my fellow performers and wondered if I would ever be able to accept my new self.


Holy Access
by Darla Schumm
I am lying comfortably on the table in my acupuncturist’s office. Mellow music plays in the background while my acupuncturist soothingly talks me through my treatment. As we chat casually about the different approaches between Eastern and Western medicine, she …


The Crisis of Disability Is Violence: Ableism, Torture, and Murder
by Lydia Brown
Andre McCollins was eighteen years old in 2002 when he was a student at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts. Like many of the students at the center, a residential institution for people with disabilities, Andre is autistic and …


You Talking About Me? – Disability as a Personal, Social, and Political Construct
by Bill Gaventa
Currently evolving are some key foundational trends that have great promise for more humanizing and just attitudes and practices for individuals with disabilities, their families, and society as a whole.


Deepening Disability Justice: Beyond the Level Playing Field
by Tom Shakespeare
I was very lucky to be born disabled in 1966, just as the disability rights movement was gaining strength worldwide—I was born into an era of disability activists agitating for recognition that we are human beings like any other, and …

Political Activist Art

On Busboys and Poets, Andy Shallal, and D.C.’s Progressive Visual Culture
by Paul Von Blum
These restaurants and cultural centers are important sites for artistic expression, providing artists additional opportunities to disseminate their works and to gain more exposure beyond the traditional avenues of commercial galleries and museums.


A Response to Seth Mandel’s Critique of the Parallel States Solution
by Mark LeVine and Mathias Mossberg
A staff blogger/writer at Commentary, Seth Mandel, read an excerpt of our book and made broad generalizations about its ideas and arguments in a recent critical article. Here, we scrutinize his review and elaborate on the merits of a parallel states solution.


Consciously Loving My Neighbor as I Love MySelf
by YoHana Bat Adam
Everything in the world is moving (and always has been moving) towards expansion and fulfillment of our potential - which is to become ever more like the One who created us. Wars, tragedies, miseries are swallowed up in this larger movement toward Higher Understanding, which is pounded out on the anvil of our suffering and ignorance. In this, my first article in Tikkun, I've chosen to share my painting which interprets the story David and Goliath, along with my commentary. As I suggested above, it offers a wonderful illustration of the essence of the most important battlefield of all, namely the battle within us to win our soul.

US Politics

Midterm Elections 2014
by Michael Lerner
After years of Obama’s capitulation to the corporate, military, and “security” elites, Dems may have a hard time selling themselves as populist champions.

Politics & Society

Fascism in Ukraine: Assessing the Threat of the Ultranationalist Right
by Chris Wendt
Remember the fascists in Ukraine? Turns out the Ukrainian far right does not seem to pose as much of a threat to the democratic development and security of Ukraine as some have claimed.

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