Job Opening: Operations and Audience Development Manager

We are looking for a full-time Audience Development and Operations/Office Manager for Tikkun magazine and its consciousness-raising arm, the Network of Spiritual Progressives to work in our Berkeley, CA office.

We are looking for someone who wants to transform our world and be part of a visionary organization that seeks to do that. To see if you are deeply aligned with our vision and excited about being part of this dynamic organization go to and read the articles under the title “Philosophy” and under the title “Visionary Strategies.” To read our latest ideas on everything from how to build a progressive movement in the era of Trump to how to address the issues in Israel/Palestine to much, much more, go to

We are seeking applicants who are flexible, energetic, self-starters, technologically adept, comfortable working independently with intricate database software, and creative in advocating for a cause you believe in. The ideal candidate will be able to handle every aspect of our organization’s operations, office management, development, and outreach with an approach that is both creative and detail-oriented.

As a member of our very small but high-powered team, you will use your strong interpersonal and organizational skills not only to keep our books orderly and our subscription and membership renewals on track, but also to dream up creative new ways to increase the organization’s revenue streams by attracting and retaining new subscribers, members, donors, and advertisers. You will draw upon your business sense, marketing skills, and tech savvy in an attempt to increase subscription and membership.

The Audience Development and Operations manager will interface daily with our subscribers, members, and broader community of supporters. In this role, you will also work with the magazine’s executive editor, Michael Lerner, to ensure operations, office maintenance, and bookkeeping functions run effectively. This position also involves working with Cat Zavis, the Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, to help strategize ways to build the network, fundraise to support our work, do outreach, and connect with members, as well as occasional work for Beyt Tikkun, the synagogue led by Rabbi Lerner.

Given the amount of in-house training required for this position, we are ideally looking for someone who expects to be able to stay with us for multiple years.

• A strong affinity for the social justice orientation of our organization
• Detail-oriented and energetic approach to data entry and mailings
• High level of proficiency with QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel, email, and database management programs or the ability to quickly learn these skills and the willingness to put in the unpaid extra time to do so
• High level of proficiency with content management systems such as WordPress
• Excellent organization, time management, and follow-up skills; high sense of urgency; ability to successfully handle multiple projects concurrently
• Enthusiasm for fundraising and development
• Familiarity with Salsa or similar online fundraising platforms and knowledge of current fundraising best practices
• Ability to figure out what needs to be done and work independently
• Ability to meet deadlines and juggle multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced environment while demonstrating adaptability, positivity, and flexibility.
• Interest in the magazine and Network of Spiritual Progressives and ability to speak and write effectively about its content, vision, values, projects, and programs.

• Generate and execute creative plan to increase subscription and membership numbers
• Perform routine bookkeeping functions
• Plan and execute online and direct mail fundraising campaigns
• Manage monthly subscription and membership renewal online and direct mailings
• Help subscribers and members who call the office phone
• Handle incoming and outgoing mail
• Manage magazine fulfillment and marketing
• Manage donor relations and database
• Manage a small non-profit office with all of its complexities

Annual: $42,000-$45,000

To Apply:
Please email a resume, a cover letter, and two references to Please tailor your cover letter to say what draws you to this position and to working at Tikkun in particular and please explain why you are capable of doing first-rate work in this capacity. If we are interested in your application, we will contact you. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. Don’t apply before reading enough of and to be able to explain why you would be a good fit for this kind of project.

About Us:

Tikkun is a Jewish and Interfaith and Secular-Humanist-welcoming quarterly magazine focused on politics, spirituality, and culture. Associated with the magazine is our membership organization, the Network of Spiritual Progressives.

Named after the Jewish concept of mending and transforming a fragmented world, Tikkun offers analysis and commentary that strive to bridge the cultural divide between religious and secular progressives. By bringing together voices from many disparate religious and secular humanist communities to talk about social transformation, political change, and the evolution of our religious traditions, Tikkun creates space for the emergence of a Religious Left to respond to the influence of the Religious Right and the distortions of global capitalism, while simultaneously critiquing the narrowly framed economistic, religiophobic, and reductionist views that sometimes prevail in liberal and progressive circles. The magazine, which began as a progressive Jewish publication, is now both Jewish and interfaith and provides intellectually rigorous, psychologically sophisticated, and unconventional critiques of politics, spirituality, social theory, and culture. Tikkun is especially known for its support for a nonviolent transformation of our global economic and political system away from its current globalization of selfishness and materialism so that we can build a global society that is environmentally sustainable, based on love and generosity, social and economic and environmental justice, and responding to the universe with awe and wonder rather than a narrow utilitarian attitude. We are also well known for our controversial perspective and coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict–we are both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel and critical of both sides while insisting that only compassion and empathy can help heal the PTSD from which both Palestinians and Israelis suffer (even while recognizing that the power differences today make it incumbent upon Israel to take major steps to rectify the injustice of the Occupation of the West Bank and the suffering in Gaza, yet still insisting that both sides have been deeply right and deeply screwed up). We are unabashedly utopian in seeking a world of love, yet very practical in all that we need to do to make sure our magazine gets to the publisher on time and that people learn about our vision. To learn more, visit and

Tikkun’s head editor and executive director, Rabbi Michael Lerner, leads Beyt Tikkun, a Jewish Renewal synagogue in the San Francisco Bay area, and is a co-founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives. Our staff in the past has included people of diverse religious backgrounds, along with agnostics and secular humanists–and we seek interns to represent this diversity. We’ve had a diversity of writers over the past 31 years of our publication, including Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, former president Jimmy Carter, Marge Piercy, Rosemary Ruether, Judith Plaskow, David Loy, Zalman Shachter-Shalomi, Woody Allen, Francine Prose, Carol Gilligan, Arthur Waskow, Susannah Heschel, and articles on everything from Dr. Seuss to issues in progressive education to disabilities to the Psychopathology of the 2016 election.

This is a 3-month FT FMLA leave coverage position with a strong possibility of extension.

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