Subscribers and Members Access the Online Version of Tikkun Magazine

Tikkun Magazine is now available online to subscribers and members of the Tikkun Community and the Network of Spiritual Progressives. In order to access the members-only area of the web site you need to follow these instructions to create your own personal online account.

You only have to do this once and it will take less than a minute.

Here’s How:

1.     Go to this link:

2.     Create a username that you will remember. Then enter your email, first name, and last name, which will be used to create your online subscription account.

3.     Click the blue “Register” button.

4.     Our system will email you a password.

5.     Enter the username you just created and your password.

6.     Click the “remember me” checkbox and hit “Log In.”


If you have problems registering or logging in, don’t hesitate to call 510-644-1200 for help. If you already registered for a user account before receiving this message, please email for instructions for how to add subscriber status to your account retroactively.

Once you have logged in and clicked the “remember me” checkbox, your computer should remember your username and password so you don’t need to log in again.

If you are using a different computer or if you have done something to erase your computer’s “cookies” (i.e., the small files stored on your computer to enable you to access password-protected content without logging in anew every time you use your computer), you will need to log in again using your username and password.

Changing Your Password

After you have logged into the magazine web site, you may change your password to something of your own choosing by clicking “Change Password” in the large blue block at the bottom of the Tikkun web site.

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