Tikkun Magazine, Winter 2011

My Two Cents

by Danny Goldberg

Two cents from a hippie-generation activist to those dedicated to healing the world:

You should not assume that others know what you know, have read what you've read, have seen what you've seen, or have heard what you've heard. To touch people's hearts, you must learn their cultural language and reach them through it. Moreover, you cannot touch people's hearts without getting their attention. If the first sentence of anything you say or write is not sufficiently focused and interesting, many people will tune out the rest.

And of course remember to look within to your highest self, daily and before making any big decision. And remember Martin Luther King's words: "Although we live in the colony of time, we owe our allegiance to the empire of eternity."

Danny Goldberg manages the careers of rock musicians, is the author of the books How The Left Lost Teen Spirit and Bumping Into Geniuses, and is a former publisher of Tikkun.

His articles in Tikkun include "Don't Abandon Civil Liberties," September/October 2002; "OutFOXing the Left," September/October 2003; and "Et Tu, Ralph Nader?," March/April 2000.

Source Citation: Goldberg, Danny. 2011. My Two Cents. Tikkun 26(1): 42

tags: Activism  
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