C.K. Williams Receives the Tikkun Award

Tikkun recently presented award-winning poet and Princeton professor C.K. Williams an award for communicating the importance of healing the world through his creative work. At the magazine’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, which took place at UC Berkeley on March 14, 2011, Williams read the audience two poems: “Tar” — which describes the aftermath of the Three-Mile Island nuclear disaster — and “The Day Continues Lovely” — a poem recently published in Tikkun. Here’s the video:

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One Response to C.K. Williams Receives the Tikkun Award

  1. Donald Mintz April 16, 2011 at 7:44 am

    Well, since CK is clearly too old to run for president, I nominate Rabbi Lerner as the essential progressive primary candidate. Not to win for that is clearly impossible, but to inject a moral element and reveal Obama’s inability to break free from neo-liberalism, so called.

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