Tikkun Magazine, Winter 2011

A Note from the Sunny Side

by Trish Vradenburg

I have left it to others to give well-deserved tributes to Tikkun magazine. As for me, I only signed on to be publisher because I knew the editor -- my brother, Michael. It turned out to be a very smart choice.

Michael and I are both writers, though 180 degrees different in our approaches. I am a comedy writer -- predominantly sitcoms in La La Land; my brother is the intellectual one. And nothing proves that more clearly than Tikkun magazine. Tikkun is a cerebral, logical, scholarly magazine. I am always looking for the accompanying Cliff Notes.

We came from a very political family. Whereas I could usually see the sunny side to locusts and vermin, Michael was tortured by the world's injustices and his inability to instantly right them. His goals have always outpaced the reality of his society. The class revolution Michael was expecting in the sixties simply didn't pan out. So that just meant he had to look deeper and work harder to develop a vision that the American public would embrace.

It has not been an easy road. Apparently compassion coupled with financial generosity is not a simple sell. Taking away money from any class -- lower, middle, upper -- is not a popular position, despite the fact it may be the morally right one. It would seem everyone thinks he is going to win the lottery and so he wants to make sure his taxes won't be too high.

Michael and I grew up in the same family with the same experiences in the same Jewish familial craziness, and yet we often had different interpretations of those realities -- I was right, of course, but why nitpick? It could have been the difference in our age: I was vastly younger than he -- OK, three years, three months, two days, twenty-one hours -- but to a kid that's a lot. But though we may have a different take on the world, our moral standards are generally the same.

I have been proud to support Tikkun. Proud to be Michael's sister. Proud to share the same core values. Michael is sure of his truths. He stands by his convictions and his principles. He will not be moved. It is good to have at least one Michael in your family.

Souce Citation: Vradenburg, Trish. 2011. A Note from the Sunny Side. Tikkun 26(1): 5

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