Tikkun Magazine

Tikkun Magazine, Winter 2011

A Note from Michael Lerner about the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Section

In celebration of our anniversary, we asked some of the authors we've published over the last quarter-century to share a short piece (either prose or poetry) about the aspect of their thinking, writing, spiritual practice, work, or social activism that they believe to be most relevant to Tikkun's goal of helping heal, repair, and transform the world. We also urged many to offer advice to the next generation of activists. I still feel great excitement about most of the over two thousand authors we've printed in these past twenty-five years so I would have loved to have included a piece from each of them below! But we simply could not find the space for even a tenth of all the wonderful authors we've been privileged to run in our past twenty-five years. Since Tikkun is shifting its focus online (we're launching a beautiful new magazine website this spring and scaling the print magazine back to a shorter quarterly), we've decided to publish some of the very best anniversary pieces from the authors we esteem the most online rather than in the print magazine. Visit tikkun.org in January to read these great pieces and learn about our anniversary celebration scheduled for March 14 in Berkeley, California.

Click here to check out the Table of Contents from this issue where we have dozens of online exclusives from authors and poets helping us commemorate this 25th anniversary.

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